Monday, September 20, 2010

Larger keyboard on iPhone

I am getting press releases for the iOS platform and I just one for Easy Typing. It's an app which uses almost the whole screen on an iPhone to make typing easier. I bought it, and I like it. It even mails or sends an SMS (a text) from within the app with no problems.

This may be peripheral to ereaders, but actually many use an iPhone or iPod Touch as an ereader, and they are not bad, particularly if you get the new models with the high-resolution Retina screen.
The fact that they work pretty well as ereaders is why I am hoping for a smaller iPad variant, a "Goldilocks" model. If it were the size of the Kindle 3, it would fit in many (most?) pockets, but the screen, if high-res, would be excellent for reading.

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