Friday, October 1, 2010

“Most Powerful Tablet Anyone Has Ever Made”

I'm been saying from the start that if the effort were put into it, especially into the software, a tablet could become a super-tool for higher education (and lower too). And now it seems somebody is doing something about it.

I like the interface looking like it was designed for adults, unlike the iPad's, which frankly (and despite my love for the iPad) looks like it was designed for children, with the over-widely-spaced colorful icons which you can't really do anything about, there's no other options of menus or smaller icons, or text-only icons, or... anything. Which means that when you have many apps, it's a chore every time to find one. And no, folders don't help all that much either, sorry. I really hope Apple have plans of developing that interface, but I'm not sure how optimistic I should be.

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