Thursday, April 21, 2011

Book-love wearing off?

It surprised me last year that I took to e-reading as fast as I did. As in, immediately. It surprised me even more that very soon I preferred it over paper-reading. Didn't see that coming.

Here's another one I didn't see coming: my love for paper-books seems to be slowly wearing off!
Even though I knew intellectually that it's the content I loved, not the form, I still couldn't imagine ever getting rid of my big collection of books. But today I suddenly looked at some novel I'd never gotten around to reading, and I felt nothing. It was just a paper object. If I wanted to read the story, I would buy the ebook.

And I've even been vaguely conscious for a while that the books are not a pretty thing in my home. Simply because they are all in different sizes and colors, and they clash badly, no matter what you do.

So I can actually imagine getting rid of them. Perhaps slowly. There's still a deep residual attachment there. And some of them are quite aesthetic and may never go, we'll see.

The shelves may be a different matter. I've bought a lot of expensive cherry-wood shelves, and though simple boxes, I think they are gorgeous. So maybe I'll find other things to put on them. Might be interesting.

Maybe I'll even do the great heresy: buy books as decoration. Like the lovely big, dark, matching leather volumes in the hallway of the law office from Will & Grace. Beautiful. Heck, it's only heresy if you don't read, and I do, I just prefer on screen where I decide the text size, font, and brightness.

Man, I should have guessed: there are actually businesses specializing in selling leather bound books just for decoration! 

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