Friday, April 22, 2011

Your iPhone Is Tracking You. So What?

Your iPhone Is Tracking You. So What?, NYT article, David Pogue.
Your phone is tracking you. 
This news, inevitably, has triggered quite a bit of breathless alarm online. Ooh! Apple is spying! Ooh! The government is tracking! Ooh! Big Brother is watching!
The news has also triggered quite a bit of misinformation.

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Stephen A said...

The issue is consent.

If you take a picture of a pretty lady in a state of dishabille, with her consent, a model release form and records in compliance with USC, Title 18, Section 2257, it's art and a very good thing.

If you take the same picture with a hidden camera without her knowledge it's several felony counts. It doesn't matter if the picture isn't very good.

If Apple tracks your every move without notification and consent it's a violation of your trust and your right to privacy.