Friday, April 22, 2011

Where are the grips?

With the hundreds (thousands?) of different iPad cases and stands out there, I don't get why nobody apparently yet has made a compact/light case with an actual handgrip built in. Just a nice, solid grip to hold onto. Everybody knows how important it is on a camera, but on tablets, we're woefully behind. This goes for all sizes, from the small ebook readers, over medium tablets, to big ones. They are clumsy to hold, especially since there is very little space to put your fingers if you aren't to push any buttons or the screen.

The only thing I know which makes the iPad really solidly comfortable to hold is the Big Grip, but it's bulky and some find it not pretty (I kinda like it though, in an odd way).

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Stephen A said...

Wouldn't be elegant :)

Haha only serious.

Form follows function, and true elegance usually emerges after a lot of experience. Pre-conceived standards of elegance limits functionality. A Katana is a tremendously elegant thing, but that is because every feature is driven by pure functionality refined over centuries.

Next time you are near a soldier, first responder, or even a delivery man, note their electronics and tools. Stuff their life depends upon. It has a lot of textured rubber, handles, port protection and easy charging contacts. This not only provides good grips but protects against drops.

Unfortunately, much of the false "elegance" we seen is straight out of Thorstein Veblen's "Theory of the Leisure Class". The upper class (a.k.a. the leisure class) usually signifies it's status by things that indicates that they don't have to work. For example, if the tanned serfs work in the field being pale was a status symbol, when the proles moved into the factories being tan was in. In terms of "elegant" Velben goods, they are usually purged of most of their utility. For example, a very expensive fountain pen is considered far more elegant than a ballpoint pen. On the other hand, from the standpoint of utility a midrange plastic gel pen with a textured grip is a far more practical and elegant solution.

I submit that the iPad (and the rest of the SUV tablets) is a Velben good which explicitly eschews features which would be associated with tradesmen's electronics.