Thursday, April 14, 2011

The new Blackberry Playbook

An early review of the Blackberry Playbook, a name which has many people puzzled, since more than any other tablet, it's meant for work, not play!
It's interesting in that it's the first serious tablet which runs neither iOS nor Android, but a third one, Web OS.
It seems to have nice hardware and interface. The issue is then if it can attract enough developers to get a bunch of interesting apps.

Update: There are a lot of "buts"... here's David Pogue's review


Stephen A said...

From what I've heard it has horrid PIM functionality which was always the Crackberries strong point. Without solid PIM the playbook is dead in the water for business.

Also the Playbook is using QNX not webOS which is specific to Palm/HP. Although the look and feel is so close to webOS this it is likely that HP will sue.

Strikes me this was a hail-mary done by marketing committee.

eolake said...

(I see many different defs of that.)

Stephen A said...

PIM=Personal information management, contacts, appointments, calendars and corporate email.

i.e. The reason for the Crackberries existence. A simple platform which allows IT to push out updates to staff.

PIM is reported to be hopelessly broken with the Playbook. Pretty much on par with Sony rolling out a line of TVs without remotes.