Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tablet uses

From a new survey, it seems that games are dominating in tablet use. I guess that's not surprising. I was never interested in gaming, but clearly I'm in a minority. (I have tried many times, but it just doesn't hold my interest beyond ten minutes.)

What I like though is that ebook reading is at a healthy 46% of tablet use. And if you add web article and e-magazine reading to that, that becomes a very respectable usage stat.
I don't know why, but for me, a tablet/reader ads some power to reading it didn't have before.

The survey also showed that 82% of the 1,430 users surveyed used their tablets mainly at home. I've touched on this before. I wonder if this would change if the iPad were to weigh, say, 300 grams only. Dunno. But I think it speaks of the power and usefulness of tablets that they are being so much used even when there's a perfectly good desktop/laptop computer right nearby.

Photo by Eolake Stobblehouse


Stephen A said...

I'd put my usage at 40% manga reading 30% text reading, 15% RSS feed reading, 8% browsing, and 7% google map use.

My 10" tends to stay at home, except for short hops to restaurants and cafes.
My 7" rooted nook color is a constant companion, either in a large pocket or a small bag.

On the other hand I love having a 10" tablet while on extended travel especially during flights for movies. A big tablet does a good job as an alarm while charging overnight as well.

Of course, the bulk of the weight for a tablet is the battery. But if a tablet is being used in the home, the weight can be driven down considerably by using a smaller battery coupled with inductive charging ports (like the palm touchstone charger) and wireless sync.

This also makes a case for modular batteries. A smaller lightweight unit for home and a heavier thicker unit for travel.

Over the next few years, as we discover what tablets are actually used for, I suspect we will transition from the "SUV" tablets that are all the rage now over to "golf cart" and "Miata" tablets.

eolake said...

Yes, I'm hoping for a 6-inc pocket iPad for text reading, under 300 grams, and a 15-inch model for reading of books with graphics. Both of them with over 200PPI displays.
(I say iPad, but if anybody else could make it as well including software, that's fine.)

Stephen A said...

I'm not willing to stop at 15" I want an easel/drafting table

Or the android tablet described here the twister app would be awesome!

eolake said...

Sure, no reason to limit ourselves.