Friday, April 15, 2011

Wallpapers and iPad interface

It's strange to me that even now, a year later, iPad still does not let you select a different wallpaper for each app screen you have. It would be more fun, and it would be easier to navigate because you can tell in a split-second which screen you're on.

And personally I'd like more personalization of the interface in general. I realize this is tricky, since the power of the iPad is that it's so simple to learn. But there could be a "Advanced Interface" (with a warning) setting somewhere, which when set would let you use smaller icons, or nested folders in columns, a real file system, or... whatnot. My main issue is that despite folders, it is still too difficult to find the app that you need, instantly. There must be better ways.

Oh, by the way, I found a nice interface modifier. Well, actually, it's just wallpapers which make it look like the icons are sitting on shelves and such (this illustrates how little you can do to "customize" the interface, basically nothing). But it's cute. It's called Pimp Your Screen.

Here's just one wallpaper. There are many, many, in many styles. Most are more colorful and wilder than this one.

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