Sunday, May 8, 2011

DVDs in my bedroom

A couple of months ago the DVD player I had in my bedroom died. And today I decided that for hyper-back-leaned entertainment, I just missed it too much, so I moved my MacBook Air with 27-inch screen into the bedroom for movie duty.

The 27-inch monitor is better quality than the 26-inch TV screen I had before, better contrast for one thing, and the built-in speakers are surprisingly good for built-in speakers, I don't find them lacking at all, surprisingly, in volume or space or anything.

And of course if the mood takes me, I can surf or watch web videos from the bed, or write or wha'ever, with a USB keyboard. Or watch the 199 movies and TV shows I have ripped to disk, as well as web- and Net-acquired videos/films. That's actually something I've been wanting a solution to for a long time, to watch such in comfort.


TC [Girl] said...

Looks really nice, Eo. Good for you! :-D

Stephen A said...

Presently I run a pico projector on my headboard and a screen at the foot of my bed. All drven by a WD live plus. Splendid.

You should consider some of the remote programs for the iPad to use as a remote. Tablets are hands down perfect media remotes.