Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New iMac Gains Thunderbolt

New iMac Gains Thunderbolt... article.

A tricked-out top iMac is now $3700! Holy cow, so much for the "entry level machine" the iMac was once!

It seems Apple has gone back to their habit of really over-charging for pre-installing memory or disks. For example they charge $600 for installing 16GB of RAM, about four times the going price of such memory. That's a big shame and a blot on their reputation, there's no reason for such profiteering, it's not like they are not earning money. It is simply taking advantage of the ignorance or laziness of your customers, and I think there's no good excuse for it. Buy via a good reseller, for example Jigsaw24 here in the UK, they have better service and much more reasonable prices.


Bruce said...

price of original iMac - $1299
price of current 21" iMac - $1199
I was able to get the price up to $3935.00, with Aopplecare. :-)

It was a fun exercise! Another interesting exercise is to configure a Mac Pro to match the specs of the top of the line, maxed out iMac. If you do that, a four thousand dollar iMac starts to look like a bargain.

Note, also, that the original iMac was not good enough for professional graphic arts work. The current iMac is, and even previous dual core models were. I suspect that the new quad core iMacs will be good enough for (some) professional sound and video work as well.

I agree about the memory. It looks like Apple has gone back to their traditional practice of overpricing.

eolake said...

"Note, also, that the original iMac was not good enough for professional graphic arts work. The current iMac is"

Exactly. Since, let's says since Intel chips, iMacs are not amateur machines anymore, they are powerful machines.

rajesh said...

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