Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why Amazon's tablet will threaten the iPad

Why Amazon's tablet will threaten the iPad, article.

This article supports what I've been saying, that I have a feeling that if anybody can make an tablet which is at least as good as an ereader as the iPad, it might just be Amazon. (I don't think it will actually "threaten the iPad" as such, because it won't have the iPad's thousands of cool apps. But it will have a good store for content, Amazon, and that's half there.)

This article continues in the same lines, and reveals the astonishing fact that even though Amazon does not (yet) actually have a tablet, they are the "manufacturer" which people would most like to buy one from!

I would say that the hot anticipation for an Amazon tablet is almost reaching levels people normally reserve for a rumored new Apple product! Well, OK, not quite those levels, but the the only thing to beat that would be a major deity's return to Earth, or a slimming pill with no side effects.


Bruce said...

I agree that there is a lot of anticipation of Amazon releasing an Android tablet. And everything I have heard and read about the Kindle is positive.

However, my experience with the Amazon app store for Android has been poor. And I have read other customers and developers that have also had bad experiences.

eolake said...

Poor how?