Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why iPad is stomping Android tabs 24 to 1

[Thanks to TCGirl]

Why iPad is stomping Android tabs 24 to 1, article.
The biggest mystery is why, five months after Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets started to hit stores, developers seem to have no interest in them. Maybe it's chicken and egg, that devs are waiting for increased consumer interest, but you'd think given the sheer volume of Android phone apps out there, there'd be some trickle-up action. But no, the tablet side of the App Market is dead.

Wow, that's a bad omen. For Android. But also for us who want a healthy competitive market for the iPad to thrive in.
Quite shocking; less than two dozen tablet-specific apps by this time? Ouch.
The man says things will change when Amazon comes out with the much-rumored Android tablet. Well, let's see.


TC [Girl] said...

Eolake said...

"Quite shocking; less than two dozen tablet-specific apps by this time? Ouch."

Yes, exactly! Surprised the YKW out of me, too! Very ODD! Where's all that "feeding frenzy" that appeared to be happening @ the (CES?) show, a little while back when ALL those tablets were coming out?! :-/

eolake said...

I suspect that while geeks love the techiness of Android, most of them also expect most software to be free.
Couple that with no Android tablet being a hit yet, and it's hard to make any money in that market.

Well, me and Pogue did say back then that 98% of all those tablets didn't have a chance in hell.
At least not until a good and cheap one appears. with a good shop attached (books/films). I'm betting Amazon.

TC [Girl] said...

Eolake said...
"I'm betting Amazon."

Not too many other choices...other than that other one of the fruity kind...as I just, now, went back to one of your earlier posts and saw you wrote same (go figure! lol!)! ;-)

I'm still "having trouble" w/the fact that Android is being developed to be used in more than a phone! And...then, to throw in the Kindle, at the end of this article; that, completely, threw me for a loop! :-/ Part of it, methinks, might be how you have been hammering into our heads, for awhile now, that Pads are not considered an e-reader! So...I guess I've been "compartmentalizing" the Kindle as, eventually, having its own OS and it not being Android! (as it turns out, again, just went back to look @ that 'Release in 10 weeks' posting you did and the article writer writes "assume" re: the OS being Android. Heck, I didn't even realize that they had an Android app store! Thought that was Google's "territory!" Getting so confusing! :-/

TC [Girl] said...

Oh yeah and...I guess I was quite surprised at the comment re: it being good that the screens [of the 2 coming out] weren't going to be color; I'd be holding out for the color touch coming out at the end of September! That would be COOL to have for magazines, etc. :-)

eolake said...

Where did they say no color is good?

I think that though most people like color, many people are married to simple things, and non-backlit screens, and to the cheapest price, so they *have* to keep the E-Ink version of the Kindle.

(Although actually I wonder if a color screen is not becoming at least as cheap as an e-ink screen? After all, the latter has millions of tiny moving parts!)

TC [Girl] said...

Eolake said...
"Where did they say no color is good?"

Sorry...I said "good" but, technically, it had been written "kind of a relief" which I thought was a bit odd. 'twaz in this article (3rd paragraph).

eolake said...

Ah, that article.
"Neither one of the two Kindles will have a color screen, which is kind of a relief. They’ll both still have the familiar e-ink screens that we’ve all gotten so comfortable with."

I think either some people are much more sensitive to backlighting than others (how do they work with computers?), or there's just a Fear Effect re screens. So many people are hooked on the e-ink screen.
To me, it's just too dark, it requires *so* much light for me to be comfortable reading on it. If the background was at least white, I think it might be quite useful to me.

But like I said, so many feel that way, that it would be stupid of Amazon not to continue to make a Black/Grey Kindle alongside a color tablet, for the foreseeable future.