Friday, August 19, 2011

Tabtec M7

I can't find this in the US so it might go under a different name but in the UK it's called Tabtech M7, and it seems very promising and economical.
I have it's little brother, and apart from that one having an inferior screen (resistive touch screen), it's not bad at all, especially for the price.
The M7 unfortunately is not lighter than my Galaxy Tab 7-inch as I'd hoped, but actually heavier at over 500 grams, so I won't be getting it.

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Bruce said...

Looks like the display on that tablet is 800 x 480, which would keep me away. I think 1024 x 600 is better for a 7" tablet.

It's funny how the Galaxy Tab WiFi 7" was slammed in the media when it first came out, but now it looks like one of the best choices for a 7" tablet. Of course the price has come down to $350 in the US. If I can find a reputable place selling one for $300, I believe I will buy it.