Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Versetta iPad bags

A quick googling reveals that many people are disliking or making fun of the new Versetta  iPad bags (they come in several very different styles). But I think it's a neat invention, I'm almost jealous of da ladies. Well, that was my first reaction anyway, but then I'm a baggophile. (Their web site does not inspire a lot of confidence though, I must say. It's poorly designed, often does not react, and throws out infinite popup windows when you're trying to leave!)

Sure, for many uses it would seem stupid to leave the iPad in the bag while using it. But the point is, you can obviously take the iPad out, like with any other case/bag. But since many people are using their iPad for quick little tasks while working/walking/standing,  this arrangement makes sense.

Admittedly, today ladies' bags seem generally to be much smaller than they used to be*, and these ones would be on the large side, and with the iPad, also on the heavy side.

By the way, one thing I don't understand about ladies' bags: they usually have only have hand-straps, no shoulder-strap, so one of your hands are tied down all the time you carry it. I guess that comes under "sacrificing practicality for style".

*I once saw a very beautiful and stylish young woman  in the train, holding on her lap a very stylish, very cool handbag. If I recall correctly, it was in the style of an old wooden trunk! But the funny thing was that it was so small that I think one would have struggled to carry more than a pack of cigarettes and a lighter in it! I mean real dang small, about the size of a pint of milk (half a liter). I guess that also comes under "sacrificing practicality for style".

TCGirl found this and this. The last one is close, but with sharper corners.


TC [Girl] said...

I love that top bag! I think that's pretty cool and practical! The pad is right there; no fumbling for it or having to stop and pack the thing back in...

I was trying to look for some bags and...perhaps it's because I'm not searching the UK Yahoo but...these were the only 3 bags that even looked near what I envisioned what you had seen; and...yes, I realize that they are not all wood:

and...I think my favorite: (isn't it adorable?!)

eolake said...

Yes, I like the first and last one.

It's been many years, but I think the first one comes close. Although hers had more square corners.
I don't think it was wood, it was just that "wooden trunk" was the closest thing I could think of which it reminded me of.