Sunday, September 25, 2011

Art books in ebooks

The more I think about it, the more I believe that future high-tech, relatively low-weight super-sized tablets could mean a renaissance in art books. As it is now, the art book market is virtually non-existent, because printing has become so durn expensive that nobody can afford to buy them or publish them. But publishing and distribution of art books in electronic format will be super-cheap of course, just like regular ebooks.

The tablets will be less cheap, of course, but only in the beginning. And art just looks so great on a really good color screen, due to the much higher dynamic range etc.

I was just thinking about the classic Frank Miller "comic" books Elektra Assassin and Elektra Lives Again. I would like to look at them now, they had some wonderful art by Miller himself and by Bill Sienkiewicz. I have them somewhere, but lord knows where. I'm not even sure if they're on one of my numerous book shelves around this place, or if they're in a box stored away. If I had them in a super-sized ebook reader, it would be a matter of a few seconds with a search field to call them forth.

... I'm trying again to read comics on the iPad, but it's only *almost* big enough. To read it comfortably, you have keep zooming and navigate around on the page, it's a mess. But if the screen was just 50% bigger and the resolution 50% higher, a full page could be read easily all at once.
... This goes for typical American comics. For larger pages, like most European comic "albums", I'd say the screen should be 100% bigger.

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