Saturday, October 1, 2011

Denial is a river in Egypt! Not in France!

I knew that big parts of the publishing industry have been or still are in Big Denial about e-publishing, but this is astounding: according to Kindle Chronicles, French publishers until now have been virtually completely opposed to e-publishing, almost nothing has come out as ebooks. But now one of the biggest ones have announced that they've changed course, they are going Kindle in a big way.
It really surprises me, normally the French are never opposed to new things, especially not American ones!

Of course it is probably the same situation in Denmark, I don't think there are a lot of Danish ebooks yet. But in their defence, they have much more of a chicken/egg problem: unlike French speakers, there are only five million Danes in the world, so why buy a Kindle if you can't get Danish ebooks, and why publish Danish ebooks if the Danes don't have Kindles!
... Or other ereaders. My local electronics store here in England has a couple of European ereader devices which I almost never hear about online, but which apparently are about as big in Europe as the Kindle, or at least way bigger than they are outside Europe. But probably not very big, the Babel divide is a big influence on this one.

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