Thursday, September 29, 2011

eReader cover by Christian Marie

As her designs may hint, Christian Marie is a woman despite the first name. She makes some nice bags and covers, and I fell for the colors on one of these Kindle covers.
I got it today and I think it's very good. It has a good balance between soft and protective, it is easy to hold when folded back over for reading, and it looks good.
It weighs just 90 grams (3.2 ounces).
It was only $33, almost too cheap.
She states: "I'm taking custom orders. If you want one of my designs in another color, have a design you want me to create, or have a fabric in mind, just let me know."

(Click for big pics.)
It easily holds the first gen Samsung Galaxy tab, even though that is thicker than the Kindle.

Pretty, eh? Sure, I'm a man, but I'm an artist first, dammit!      :-)
And it reminds me of a favorite painting, Sunflowers by van Gogh, the one with the mint background like this.

She provides a Velcro holding mechanism, one half sewn into the cover.
Velcro is insanely strong, though, I think this strip could hold up a grown person, for real. So I used two smaller strips on the Kindle instead. (And I had black strips, looks better on the graphite Kindle if you take it out of the cover.)

See, holds it fine. I can even shake it vigorously, and the gadgets stays put.


Easy to use when reading, and it light-weight, much lighter than Amazons (admittedly gorgeous) leather covers (which also cost more) .


TC [Girl] said...

Nice, Eo! Just the color will do it, huh?! Wow! ;-)

eolake said...

I know, that's what did it.

And they are so much like the van Gogh painting, which I just now have added to the post.
Christian said she did not think of it when she made it, just a happy coincidence. Or however things work.

TC [Girl] said...

That's so true! Funny that you should remember those colors *that* well! You're amazing! :-)

(funny captcha: "nownless" I could go so many directions w/this! lol! :-)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Well, I'm a painter, have studied color, and it's amongst my top five paintings ever, so I remember the colors. :-)

TC [Girl] said...

Thank GOD that this blog has a date stamp 'cuz I'd be hard-pressed to remember how long ago I posted my last comment that you just responded to! ;-) Did you just get the notification? Something like that happened to me, recently. Something quite old had been "hung up" in the blogger clogger. :-/

"Well, I'm a painter,"

Are you?! We haven't seen any, in quite some time! ;-)

"...have studied color, and it's amongst my top five paintings ever,"

I figured it was! I was just hammin' w/you...a tad bit! :-D (what can I say; I miss ya!)

" I remember the colors. :-) "

Cool! :-D

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

No, I came across the article again, because I wanted to recommend this case to Darlene, the wife of Len from the Kindle Chronicles podcast, since she'd asked for a colorful (to easier find it) and lightweight cover.

TC [Girl] said...

I see. :-)