Monday, September 5, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Note, First look by Cali Lewis

Re the Samsung Galaxy Note, Cali Lewis really loves it. I feel like Cali. But I guess I can't have her.

Like I said, with the high-rez screen, this may be the perfect commuter ereader and video device.
I'd have preferred iOS though. I actually think Apple is throwing away a big opportunity by not having (or seemingly wanting) a middle option between the iPhone and the iPad.


TC [Girl] said...

It's a nice size. I'd like something that size, someday. Looks cool.

Stephen A said...

This is what actual innovation looks like. A broad variety of different form factors and configurations not only competing but complementing each other.

If the industry keeps this up we might just get to the point at which PARC was 20 years ago.

TC [Girl] said...

How I wish my Acer had been that small! I had a write-on screen w/stylus...back in '04 already! LOVED it! MISS it, now! Love that it can be sent, as well!

Just ran into this gadget article, as well.