Friday, October 21, 2011

All my comics are gone...

Read Marco's article Cleaning.
Instapaper has stored its downloaded articles in Caches for years, since I didn’t want to slow down iTunes syncing for my customers or enlarge their backups unnecessarily, and full restores don’t happen often enough for it to be a problem for most people. This new policy now locks me into using Caches: I no longer have a choice.
But in iOS 5, there’s an important change: Caches and tmp — the only two directories that aren’t backed up — are “cleaned” out when the device is low on space.

For some reason it didn't hit me re Instapaper. And I didn't really expect it to be a problem for me at all, since I only keep the iPad "disk" less than 90% full at all times.

But apparently that's not good enough, for today I thought it would be fun to go and read some of those many DC comics I bought last month. In the meantime I have updated to iOS 5.  And poof, they are gone. All of them!

OK, it's no worse that I can download them again. But I already did that once, it took an hour or so. And now I have to do it again.

It's really not an Okay situation. Apple: fix this. Give developers a stable space to store publications and other important content!

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