Tuesday, October 18, 2011

iOS 5 plugs a big hole in iPad use

One of the few niggles I've had about the iPad, but a durn big one, is that you couldn't change the text size in the default browser, Safari, or otherwise make the text more readable when it wasn't, and that's not rare.
Just look at this page from Wikipedia... I can't read that! (Well, I can, but it's not pleasant at all.)

But here is the same page after you press the Reader button in the new version of Safari. What a difference!

Sigh, why did that take 1.5 years to correct? But hurrah, it's here now!
Not only that, but the text size is adjustable, and in well-sized steps. Well done Apple.

Before this, I could solve it with Instapaper or a different browser, but they are both imperfect solutions.

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