Sunday, October 16, 2011

Levo book holder

The Levo book holder now has a new, custom-made plate for holding ereaders and tablets.

They have lap stands, clamp stands, and floor stands. I use (another brand) a floor stand by my bed for my iPad, it's the best reading setup I've ever had.


Will Duquette said...

As I commented on your earlier post about book holders, I just bought one of these, with the plate you show in the picture.

It's great, does just what it's supposed to, and I expect to use it several times a day.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...


I suspect that there's a feeling that one doesn't get something like this unless one is invalid ('cuz I got that thought when I bought it). Which is a shame, for it's really helpful if one reads a lot. Especially with the heavier iPad or heavy books. It's like, in the kitchen, one would not want to work without the right knife for the meat or with a counter which was the wrong height.

Will Duquette said...

I admit, I got it because of tendonitis in my shoulders. But it's a great tool. For example, I can put my iPad on, turn it to face away from the chair, and use it to play music while I exercise.