Saturday, June 23, 2012

iPad Owns 91% of Tablet Web Traffic; Nook Passes Kindle Fire

iPad Owns 91% of Tablet Web Traffic; Nook Passes Kindle Fire, article.

I'm a bit amazed that the Nook passed the Kindle Fire. Especially given the all-out price-war approach of Amazon since last year. But of course this is only about web traffic, and perhaps more people buy Nooks as a multi-purpose device, and more buy KFs mostly for reading and video.

... The closest competitor has two percent of the iPad's traffic. Huh.

I do think that part of the reason the iPad is so astoundingly dominant in web traffic is that most other popular tablets are only seven-inchers, and I feel that with complex web sites like for example Amazon (and in fact most popular sites), even the iPad's 10-inch screen can sometimes feel rather limiting. I sometimes have to zoom in on a list of links to be sure which one I hit. And before the Safari browser got the Reader functionality (which isolates and enlarges the text of an article), an article would often be hard to read, due to the wide-spread use on the web of too small fonts and too-wide columns. (Safari Reader or Instapaper of course is a fantastic help there.)

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