Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thanks, Apple

I've noticed that I'm actually thankful for my iPad. It's the best reading experience I've ever had.

Admittedly you have to find the right brightness level first. To me that's about the iPad being the brightest thing in the room, but not much brighter, that contrast is what tires the eyes.  And due to the weight it really needs something to hold it (luckily good floor stands like the Flote are starting to appear).

But then: I can fine-tune the font and text size to perfection (well okay, the Kindle app would do well with finer steps between sizes). I have a nice, big (about perfect size for reading), high resolution screen (especially iPad 3). And with the stand I can read in bed with my arms under the covers. And I don't have to tune a lamp and the book's position to get it lit well. (Something about my eyes prefers pretty strong light when I read, perhaps it is the astigmatism, perhaps smaller pupils help. And this may be why I prefer a lit screen to the grey Kindle screen. (Maybe a front-lit e-ink screen may help.)) I can change back and forth between any ebook in my collection in seconds, plus articles in various apps and forms, and films/TV and other forms of entertainment.


TC [Girl] said...
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TC [Girl] said...

And with the stand I can read in bed with my arms under the covers.

...turn pages and "tap" on icons...w/your nose! ;-) (I dare ya!, I'm curious! Oh, wait...I "only" have the Kindle; BUT...I bet it would work! :-)