Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Microsoft tablet revealed, "Surface"

Microsoft tablet revealed, "Surface". Data are a bit sparse so far. Microsoft did not reveal battery life or price, for example.

Here's a less positive article from Mashable.

"Microsoft spent more of its event talking about the kickstand than it did the Surface’s innards or apps. “It closes like a car door,” said the Surface’s product lead. I was sold.
Unfortunately, the latch where you release the kickstand is pretty hard to find, even when you know where it is. No one could open it on the first try, or indeed the second — even after being told where the latch was."

Here's a more positive article from Andy Ihnatko.

"...would I choose the Windows tablet over the Mac? I will nervously and rationally say “Oh, well, we don’t know enough about Surface yet, do we? Rather pointless to speculate, I reckon” and then slink off. 
(OK: Maybe I would. Happy now?)"

Ihnatko really wants a tablet which can also work as a laptop, full production features. And he does not want a laptop instead. The question is how many people want that, both devices in one object. It's clear where Microsoft is betting. Next year will show if they are right. Or at least if this one and other early attempts are good enough.


Bruce said...

I was very impressed by Horace Dediu's comments about Surface here:
He argues that this is something Microsoft has to do in order to survive. He thinks Windows plus Office plus Intel plus independent PC manufacturers is just not going to work for much longer.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I'm amazed it's still working yet!