Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cheaper phones coming

The phone maker that’s killing Apple in China arrives in the US, article.
Chinese handset vendor Yulong, better known as Coolpad, is venturing out from its home territory to try its fortune in the U.S., with a little help from MetroPCS. The prepaid, contract-free operator on Tuesday started selling Yulong’s Quattro 4G LTE Android smartphone for $149.

A $149 smartphone without contract!
And Nexus 7, a high-quality 7-inch tablet, is only $200.
And a Kindle is $79.
Wow. I can see things going the way of DVD players, where you can get one now for $25! The price of a decent meal.
It'll be interesting to see how and what Apple will do if that market appears soon. Can they sell as many premium phones and tablets in a market where you can get a competing product with 90% of the quality/features for 1/4th of the price?
Or maybe Apple will gain from the developments too, and can lower their prices similarly without losing the prestige. I guess $150 for an iPhone or iPad will still be seen as a premium price if an Android device is $40.

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