Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Watson, the super-Siri

Siri stumped? Call Watson, article.

Until now, Watson's tech has been too big to cram into a mobile device. All those smarts takes a room full of servers, an incredible amount of calculations and a thick wire into the electrical mains.
That's about to change. [...]
We're still several years off from Watson-on-the-go, but the possibilities are tantalizing.

That sounds really cool. You may be aware that Watson is the huge IBM computer which won Jeopardy, a very challenging task due to the complexities of English. Getting access to that would be quantum step up from Siri, with whom I'm barely on speaking terms.
What I don't get is: why wait until Watson can be stuffed into a phone? Why not just do like, well, Apple did with Siri, and lets us call him up on the web and let a big server answer? That should be doable within a short future.

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