Monday, August 27, 2012

Digging Deeper Into Digital Magazines

Digging Deeper Into Digital Magazines, article.
...if everything but text were stripped out of an issue of Wired, it would still be over 100MB in size, whereas using webpage technology, the size would hardly break 1MB.

Interestingly, most digital magazines, creating a problem for tablet users (and not a trivial one), are something like ten times as big, file-wise, as they needed to be if modern files were used, like HTML5, instead of the easy way, like PDF, a spacehog.
(I'd note that for such a mature format like PDF to be such a spacehog is just embarrassing for Adobe. The name is Portable Document Format for heaven's sake!)

The problem goes hand-in-hand with Apple apparently having decided to "earn on the swings what it loses on the merry-go-round", and charge shameless premiums on extra storage in iPads. Not to mention still having 64 GB as maximum. This is barely one week's worth of video usage for me (most bought at full price from the iTunes store I may add).


emer caughfield said...

Yes...You are right!!! It is very problematic situation when digital magazines for Ipad does not open in it due to it's large size. We should seriously find a permanent solution for this otherwise the magazines published online would be of no use for it's readers.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I see you are promoting something called ePublish. (But your comment is on topic, so OK. ☺
Can you tell me about the file size ePublish makes? Is a typical 50-page mag under 100MB or is it several hundred?