Thursday, October 25, 2012

"A $329 iPad Mini Feels Like A $2495 1984 Macintosh"

A $329 iPad Mini Feels Like A $2495 1984 Macintosh, article.

He likens it, not unreasonably I think, to the original argument over the price of the Macintosh in 1983:

Their first substantive disagreement was over how to price the Macintosh. It had been conceived as a $1,000 machine, but Jobs’s design changes had pushed up the cost so that the plan was to sell it at $1,995. However, when Jobs and Sculley began making plans for a huge launch and marketing push, Sculley decided that they needed to charge $500 more. To him, the marketing costs were like any other production cost and needed to be factored into the price. Jobs resisted, furiously. “It will destroy everything we stand for,” he said. “I want to make this a revolution, not an effort to squeeze out profits.”

Hmm, I wonder how the Windows/Macintosh war might have come out if Jobs for once had not lost a war of wills. Maybe computing would have been fun for a lot more people, and we'd have seen a creative renaissance.

It's also seen elsewhere, the argument that Apple could easily afford to make the iPad Mini a lot cheaper, especially when they talk a lot of tear-jerking talk about how how they are doing great things for schools. 95% of schools in the world can't afford a $329 iPad Mini.

I think most people are talking about what would be the most "ethical" price, not the most profitable. I don't doubt that Apple will sell all it can make at $329.

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Conan has a little bit o' fun w/the iPad product line. :-)