Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Mini's screen

I was a bit in doubt, despite always wanting a smaller iPad variety, whether I wanted the iPad Mini, because it does not have Retina Display. At the price it seems slightly weak.

Do you often need to stop
a charging gorilla in the city?
But I realized that I still use my iPad 2, and when I use that, it does not occur to me for a split second that "this is really a lesser display". And it isn't. I really don't notice if I'm using the iPad 2 or 3, honestly. A Retina display is like Dirty Harry's guns, it looks great and it scares the enemy, but really it's overkill for most purposes.

And if that's so, I've decided that the Mini's display must be good enough for me also, because it has the same number of pixels in a smaller frame, so it's sharper. (And they surely improved it in other ways too.)

On another subject, I can't believe it took them so long to make a smaller iPad. The iPhone is really too small for serious use of any kind except phoning. It's sole raisin daitre (as it were) is that it fits in a pocket. And the regular iPad is great for home use and serious use, but for casually going out, it's too big and heavy.

A 300-gram seven-inch tablet on the other hand, that fits in my cargo pocket (never buy pants without at least one), so I just pack it when I go out and forget about it, until I want to read or watch something. Back when I used read on paper, it was not easy to find a book or magazine which fit in a pocket.
And it fits in any purse. (If you have a purse it doesn't fit in, I want you to think about whether you're selecting purses based on use or on fashion...)

Update Fri 26.10:
All righty, I ordered a white 32GB model this morning. They say two weeks delivery time (UK), but this could quickly become longer, if it's as popular as they tend to be.


Jeff Carlson said...

I was at the event on Tuesday, and I can say that the iPad mini's screen is just fine. I did notice the difference because (a) I was comparing it to a 4th-gen iPad next to it, and (b) I'm accustomed to using a Retina 3rd-gen iPad, so my eyes have gotten used to it.

But everyone buying an iPad mini either won't notice or won't care. It's still a great screen.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thank you, Jeff.
That's what I thought.

Glad to see you here, I love celeb readers. :-)