Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hybrid drives in new iMacs

Apple has something intersting in the new hybrid hard drives. Which combines Solid State drives with a traditional drive, and it looks to the machine like on single drive. This should make the machine overall much faster than before. (As evidenced with the spectacular leap i performance from machines which get pure SSD drives.)
I may get an iMac as my next machine.
I'm tiring of my aging tower Mac. It has more complaints and delays now than a 105-year-old veteran. 30 times a day I just sit there for half a minute, saying to it: "what the heck are you doing now!?

I just hate the iPhonification of the Mac OS. And the removal of Rosetta. But I have to get past it some time, otherwise the options are Linux, Windows, or suicide, not necessarily in that order.

As usual in this world, they are putting their pretty hand forward. The new iMac is much fatter in the middle than these promo images hint at. Though, who cares, it's a desktop machine for sake.

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Stephen A said...

Come to the Open Side, we have cookies! Linux is rock solid, and runs on some really astoundingly cheap hardware. Fiddling around with the Raspberry Pi with the new distros is incredible.
I actively rebel against having to boot over to Windows for anything.
You get bulletproof performance and package management without having to deal with Cupertino control freaks!