Friday, October 5, 2012

My Paperwhite...

Oh durnit, I could have had my Kindle Paperwhite today. But it's just sitting on a shelf in Manchester, "available upon receipt of payment", according the DHL's site. (Import tax.)
Why didn't they just turn up with the parcel and a credit card reader?
That's what UPS does. Or at least they take cash, for reasonable amounts.
I didn't even get any notice about this. I thought courier services were all about speed and efficiency.

I got it today, early Monday morning.
It was the usual guy, and he told me that the thing about leaving it a day to soak when they need to collect a fee, is Just Something They Do Now, he didn't know why.
He also didn't know why they stopped just sending out a bill after delivery, but probably they had too much work collecting, I'd guess.


ttl said...

Welcome to the courier service frustration club.

Living in an area where the postal service works very reliably and efficiently, I have always wondered what UPS, DHL and Fedex are good for. From my perspective, they make every aspect of parcel delivery worse.

I always ask US based vendors: “Can't you just mail it to me?” And they always respond with some strange reasoning why it's not possible (too risky, too complicated, slow, no tracking available, we are not set up for it, etc.) Then if you really press them, they will send it by some USPS Deluxe Ultra service which costs twice that of a courier!

iHerb actually does send stuff by normal USPS. It costs just $4 and works flawlessly. And despite this, even they try to get you to select their courier option which is more expensive and an enormous hassle every time.

I'm all for the privatization of public services, but make it work like the postal system, please!

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

It's less great here. The last two times I had a parcel coming by PO from abroad (one from Denmark, one from US), the parcel sat in the PO for a *full week* after coming to this country, before delivery happened.