Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Study Suggests E-ink is NOT Better for Your Eyes Than LCDs

New Study Suggests E-ink is NOT Better for Your Eyes Than LCDs, article.
The results of the study didn’t show a significant difference in reading on the two types of screens, and in fact that the effect of reading on the two display types is very similar in terms of both subjective and objective measures.

Older studies did tend to show a difference, with screen reading being worse. So the article speculates that the new results may be due to the iPad's very high screen resolution, which fortunately is rapidly becoming the new norm on tablets.

I dunno. I was never sure I could tell the difference. And it never seemed logical to me that it should make a difference whether the light reaching your eyes was backlit or reflected. Light is light. When people say "it's like having a flashlight in your eyes", they are not really talking about the source of the light, they are talking about contrast. If you're outside on a bright day, there's nothing uncomfortable about  looking at a flashlight. So part of the problem may be that many people have the contrast between the screen and the room being too high.

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