Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lightness is important, and a home-made handle

When I pick up my ol’ iPod Touch, I really like the size and weight. It’s only 110 grams. And the newest generation, though taller, is only 90! And it has a sharper screen, so I’m tempted to get one as pocket reader. But it’s perhaps too small, I’d like a 5-inch one with a similar weight.
But what it does tell me: weight is really durn essential in comfort when reading, especially in bed, even when you get down to weights so slight you’d think it shouldn’t matter anymore.
I hope new tech soon gives us materials as strong as, but much lighter than alu and glass. I'd love an iPad Mini weighing under 130 grams. This may seem ungrateful, because the Mini is already at the forefront of lightness (310 grams), but I think that when we get to that point, we will appreciate the difference.

One thing that helps a lot: I have gaffer-taped a loop of strap to the back of my Kindle PaperWhite. I can stick four fingers through it and hold it with zero finger-muscle strain, and having the thumb free to flip pages. It's great. It's not pretty, but heck, a Kindle is almost a disposable device now, certainly a very replaceable one.

Ugly, but effective. The clasp is not necessary, but I
included it in case I wanted to change the length later.

Look Ma, I'm not holding it! 

It can also be held with the fingers curled around the strap. All in all it really takes the strain and clumsiness out of bed-reading.

I hope somebody will make a prettier product like this.

Spread the word; whether home-made or not, I'd like my fellow digital-age readers to read in better comfort.

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