Tuesday, March 26, 2013

UX Write, word processing for iPad

UX Write is a very impressive word processor for iPad. Amongst the impressive things: instead of the durn fiddly little loupe when selecting things, the developer has made a screen *trackpad area*! You can place or move the cursor, or select text on it. There are even arrow keys, and you can move faster by using two fingers. And this is just one feature.
It works in HTML 5, and exports to text, PDF, or .docx (which I just found out is an open format, *not* a MS format). You can actually go back and forth with the same document between UX on the iPad and Word on your PC or Mac, in .docx format. Nice.

TMO review part one. And Part two.

Above you see UX Write on John M's iPad, itself mounted on his Brydge keyboard. It's pretty new, I got one myself. I haven't used it much, but it's definitely of lovely mechanical quality and look/feel. (Some Amazon reviewers report keys becoming sticky though, I'll keep an eye on that.)

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