Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Microsoft Endlessly Disappoints With ‘New’ Windows Phone Apps"

Microsoft Endlessly Disappoints With ‘New’ Windows Phone Apps, Wired article.

...other apps have trickled in. But none have been the kind that make you want to switch to a Windows Phone. Addicted to Instagram? Not going to work for you. Want to try out Vine? You can't. [...] 
That’s the shame of Microsoft. Windows Phone 8 is a stunning operating system. It has matured in functionality since Windows Phone 7, and it is very easy to use. Microsoft has quality hardware partners, too. Nokia’s Lumia 920 is powerful, with a stunning camera, and HTC’s 8X is one of the sleekest, prettiest phones available.

Yes, a pity. Microsoft finally makes something very good in the mobile arena, and then the app developers don't follow. (I won't say I blame them, it costs money and time to make apps, and MS has a miniscule market share yet. It's that chicken and egg again.)
Another thing is: if and when the great developers do start making good, up to date ports of their apps, will these also be optimized for the larger screens of tablets? That will be necessary for me to be interested, I really don't use phones much.

It's pretty stunning really, this deep lack of faith in Microsoft now. When the iPhone came out, people were storming the citadel to be allowed to make apps for it (originally that was not the plan). I guess the tabels have really turned.

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