Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to hold one of these things?

I think one of the generally un-solved issues with ereaders and tablets, apart from your kids borrowing them of course, is how to hold them. Especially how to hold them without accidentally pushing any buttons. I have 6-7 different ereaders/tablets (all Kindle models, a Dell Streak, a Galaxy Tab, an iPhone 4, and at least one iPad), and on all of them this is a problem. On all of them, if you just lay back and read and forget how to hold it carefully, you will accidentally push buttons or touch the screen, and stuff happens you didn't intend. Quite irritating.

One of the few promising solutions I've seen is the "handle" on the Notion Ink Adam tablet. The Adam also has some innovative camera and screen solutions and interesting interface aspects, so I hope this one comes out and does well.

Reviewers say that this round handle is a joy to hold the device by. 

Spaketh the reviewer: 
The slab isn't the slimmest tablet we've seen (although it has a nice array of ports, including a full HDMI and USB), but at 1.5 pounds it felt lighter in hand than the iPad. Actually, of all the 10-inch tablets we've seen, this one seems to be the easiest to hold up and read on.

A good handle makes any weight seem less too, yes.

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