Thursday, February 24, 2011

More on a Kindle tablet

Quick thought: I think that Amazon has to come out with a real tablet-Kindle* soon, otherwise they will eventually be eaten up, hardware-wise, by more and more popular tablets.

Also, if they do come out with one soon, and it's reasonably priced, it will sell very well indeed. Even if it's a bog-standard Android device, the bulk of Amazon's reader-customers will prefer it just because it's from Amazon, so they will assume that it works better with the Kindle e-books, which of course are the defacto standard at the moment.

So come on, Amazon, hit us with a 300-gram ereader with a real screen.

*Meaning a device that is much better at non-book reading tasks than the Kindle 3 is. Web browsing and magazine reading particularly. And with a high-contrast screen, color or not, though most prefer color. 

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