Thursday, February 24, 2011

Xoom blasts off

The first serious iPad competitor, Motorola Xoom, is released this week. Here is Walt Mossberg's review.
Summary: it's a powerful and interesting machine, the two major downsides are that it has many fewer apps than the iPad, and it is more expensive ($800).


TC [Girl] said...

Hm! Interesting! Looks so unlike a competitor! lol!

eolake said...

Yeah. There is a dearth of original thought indeed.
See this:

TC [Girl] said...

Good article! Many of my sentiments! Exactly! I LOVE the idea of 2 screens and the option to be able to use a stylus. That was one of the options I had w/my Acer Travelmate (yes, I know it was a heavy brute but...that was back in the day! I'd KILL to see them come out w/something lightweight and sleek! They actually did have various tablets, back then, already, that weren't as heavy as the Travelmate) that I quite miss, these days! I liked writing on the screen!

Wonder why MS killed that 'Courier' before it even had a chance to get out of the gate!

LOVED his play on the title, BTW! He writes like I do! :-)