Monday, October 3, 2011

Apple's response?

I wonder if Apple tomorrow Tuesday 4 Oct 2011, will come out with some kind of answer to the Kindle Fire. A really big iPhone/iPod Touch, or a 6-inch iPad. I hope they do.

I know Steve Jobs said 7-inch tablets are too small, but what does that say about his darling, the iPhone?? Also, he's been known to say things to throw the dogs off the scent for a little while longer.

I'd like good competition for the iPad, but it would also not be the greatest thing if Amazon got to completely own the ereader market and medium tablets.


Janet Tokerud said...

Hey Eolake, I'm curious your opinion of the value of an Amazon Android tablet slanted towards Amz content with older version of Android instead of honeycomb. Would you pay an extra 25-50% for say that new Samsung Tab 7.7 to get more full-features and the latest Android? I know you have several tablets and an iPad now. I'm not sure I want Amz non-book content.

eolake said...

Good question!

I think it depends how much you like to control, how geeky you are. If you like gadgets, probably a real Android interface is for you. It'll also give the full market place, not just Amazon's.

But then Amazon's app store has lots, for example I just checked and it does have InstaFetch for reading Instapaper articles, so that's my main coverage, uh, covered. (Including Kindle app and browser.)

So if you have some ideas for apps you'll want, check Amazon's app store for them.

Janet Tokerud said...

Thanks. I'll have a look at the apps the Fire can run.