Saturday, October 15, 2011

Changes in the gaming book market

Mr Sfiligoi has enjoyed the revolution brought by the internet. Print on demand has been a major force for change, although he foresees a moment where it will be completely unnecessary thanks to the development of tablet computing. Of course, no revolution is without its victims and the stores where he bought his games as a teen have all closed down.
With 80 per cent of his sales coming from e-books in PDF format, Mr Sfiligoi looks forward to abandoning the print market completely in the “not so distant future”, predicting that tablets and e-readers becoming the de facto distribution channel for wargames.
“I have nothing against paper but the disadvantages of having to print and ship books are just too many for a one-man company to bear,” he says.

Read more about the one-man art and game biz in this article on my mainstream blog. 

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