Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fry looks at iPhone 4S

[Thanks to Timo]
iPhone 4S, Stephen Fry article.
Siri is the USP [Unique Selling Point] of the 4S, it is essentially Voice Control that really works. You talk to it, it talks back. [...] So good is the voice recognition that it is now built into all apps that use a keyboard. For the first time I’ve found that I can happily and accurately dictate texts and emails.

Given that all speech recognition software I've tried (on five different devices) have failed for me (too high a error rate to make it worthwhile), perhaps due to my Danish accent, I'm not all that optimistic. But if it's really that great for me too, I'll be delighted, of course. That will be a game-changer. Like it has already been for many, for example David Pogue, who has/had very bad tendonitis and couldn't work if it hadn't been for Dragon Naturally Speaking. (He is so enthusiastic about it that it was a sad surprise for me when it didn't really work for me.) (For many years it only ran on Windows machines, which forced him to use them next to his Macs.)

Fry also writes:
Believe me, there will be more than 500 books published in the next year which will claim to be able to teach you how to improve your business/profits/image/career by using the “Jobs example”. How he would have loathed that. [...]  the whole point is that copying someone who disdained copying anything would be the dumbest joke of all.

It's the funniest thing: the human mind absolutely refuses to believe that success or genius can't be copied. If you do things exactly like Steve Jobs, of course you will get the same success as Jobs, how can it be different?

The problem, I guess, is that truly original minds are less than one in a thousand, and those who can push ideas through so they work in the real world are one in a million.  So what is others to do? Well, everybody doesn't have to be a genius or world-changer, and if you do your own thing as well as you can, it's worthwhile. And in the beginning, there's nothing wrong with copying, and later with being inspired by others.


TC [Girl] said...

A short article on the popularity and growing pains of Siri.

Have you tried it, yet? I'd be curious to hear.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...


In UK it's not shipping yet. Should come before Oct is over though.

TC [Girl] said...

Oh yeah. Silly me. Forgot that you were even saying that it didn't seem to be worth the upgrade. :-/ (But...I'm bettin' $ that you'll cave, eventually, you Gadget NUT! ;-)

TC [Girl] said...

Early "grumblings." I guess I'm a little "discappointed" to see that Sprint isn't having a good go of it, so far! Doesn't make sense! Shouldn't be this way w/3rd largest placing in the market! What a shame!