Tuesday, November 6, 2012

iPad camera test

Somebody has compared the camera on the iPad Mini with the one in the iPad 4.

It's hardly an extensive test, but it is clear that the Mini's camera is more wide-angled (in the video they call it "wider aperture", which is nonsense, the viewing angle is decided not by the aperture, but the focal length versus the sensor size). It seems to have a yellow tint, though that may vary. And it seems to be less sharp.

Both the wide-angled-ness and the lesser resolution is surely a result of trying to fit a camera into the ridiculously thin iPad Mini (wide-angle lenses are generally shorter), and of course the price, lesser than that of an iPhone.

All in all, for web journalism, the Mini's camera is probably good enough, but for serious photography, better get a recent iPhone, or even better, a real camera like the big-sensored Sony RX100. Which despite its pocket-size you can use hand-held in the dead of night, as I did here:

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