Monday, November 5, 2012

iPad mini review, the Verge

iPad mini review, article.


TC [Girl] said...

Do you like your Nexus, Eo? And...if so, do you have a preference for one over the other?

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Oh, that's a tough choice. The Nexus is great, hardware wise. But I really prefer iOS in many ways, and now we have the iPad Mini. Though more expensive.

I think, probably the Nexus over the Amazon, though, unless one loves Amazon and only wants to consume and play popular games.

TC [Girl] said...

I should look @ the Nexus. Silly me forgot to bring along my laptop battery, yesterday. I find myself being "forced" to have to enter yet another gadget store, today! PRAY for me! lol! :-P

I goofed around w/my friend's iPad, yesterday, and...what a silly way to take pictures! It must be slightly annoying to use, on a regular basis, if a person is using it much, for a camera, 'cuz it seems quite awkward to find a way to hold it very well, even to compose! Imagine if Shrek had to use it! :-/ But, yeah...I guess handy for 'FaceTime' or something like that; I sure wouldn't use that camera, on a regular basis!

And...I also contemplated a netbook, 'cuz they're so darned CUTE and compact - particularly this one; it only weighs 2.2 lbs!! It was very light! LOVED it! And...then, I made the "mistake" of asking if they had any Mac products, there, and he walked over and showed me the 11-inch @ only 2.38 lbs and...quite a price diff! Mama Mia! I had to RUN for the door...especially when they start offering cards w/18 months free of finance charge! lol! :-P

There's an ASUS 'Transformer' that is also quite appealing to me, that I have seen, on their site, and...[darn it, if they didn't also have that, there, to TEASE me some more!] in the store, as well. LOVE that I can detach; LOVE the idea of having 2 batteries...for starters! LOVE that it/they are both a laptop AND a tablet! I just love how creative they are w/their stuff; SO COOL!! Oooh...and you can write on the screen, as well; another PLUS!! you just wrote and I am *really* at the point of caving to, is iOS! I am, frankly, SO SICK of PC's!! And...the dude said that, for all that I do w/mine (I'm quite the "multi-tasker," it was confirmed! lol!), I need something powerful and...that makes me think iOS=HAPPINESS! :-D So...yeah...the 'Transformer' idea is quite similar to what is going on in my mind, right now, so...I think I'm going to wait to see what they are going to bring out, w/the mini and...I'll probably "latch on" and struggle to come up for, um, Air, for awhile longer! :-D

Was just re-reading this post that you did. I don't think that I'll be a sucker and fall for no SD card slot, again. I like that capability...especially since I enjoy taking a lot of pictures and would really like to find a QUICK way of reviewing them, on the go! Is yours a WIFI or 3G?

Not sure that I like to be "told" how long I have to watch a movie. That is one thing I really like, re: Amazon; NO PRESSURE with a 48-hour window; that's just...silly! :-( (Oh and...I bet they don't have the cool "prime" program that I do: an $80 annual Prime fee gets me unlimited movies to watch. D'ya know what a savings that is to me vs. theater-going, alone...never mind the hassle of having to get and pay for DVD's (rentals) at our local store. Well, I've written about this, before, recently. LOVE the "Prime" membership, from Amazon, though; CAN'T say it, enough...apparently! :-D

TC [Girl] said...

I think I forgot to tell you re: the discovery I made, on my laptop (among other things, today, re: the battery "drama."):

when I went to turn over my laptop, to take the battery strip off, I discovered that one of the latches is completely busted off! So annoying, since I don't throw the thing around, so I was quite surprised!

When I call the battery place, the guy tells me: 1) not in stock; needs to be ordered 2) could be quite a challenge to get the battery out; and 3) the dang thing costs $90! He had a record of my last purchase's good for about a year, with me! :-(

So...guess what? IF this old battery can't come out, I'll have to use my cord, exclusively, every where I go! What a PAIN! :-(

So...saving up for a more portable set-up is looking more and more interesting, at this point!, I can't decide between the Matias and the iConnex (right? I just realized that I'm on the wrong post to look @ that!) keyboard. I thought I remembered where you wrote, in that old post on wireless keyboards, that you preferred the iConnex keyboard; am I remembering, correctly?

Oh man laptop notification on the battery sez "plugged in; NOT CHARGING!! What a drag!! :-(

TC [Girl] said...

Ugh...there's no SD card slot, on the mini, is there? What's a gurl supposed to do about that, for working on images? :-(

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I'm sure that like with the iPad, there is an small adapter so you can plug an SD card in.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yes, I did end up with a vote for the I-Connex.

The Matias (unlike their pro model) is sort of mushy. And large.
One downside to the iConnex is that I hit a wrong key when going for the right shift key. But this should be a training issue.