Wednesday, May 30, 2012

iPad for toddlers/babies

Thanks to reader Alex, who took this photo of the Fisher-Price "Apptivity Case" for iPad. (They also have one for iPhone/iPod Touch.)

Your device locks securely inside case to protect against: 
Baby’s dribbles & drool
Unwanted pressing of home button

Again, the amazing range of this device! To think some people were disappointedly yelling "aww, it's just a big iPod Touch" when it was announced. No, this is a whole new interaction platform, and may also well be one of the most important ones in the future.

BTW, I'm reminded of the Big Grip iPad case. Even though I don't have any children, I was so charmed by it that I got one (a grey, admittedly, not one of the neon colors!), and it is lovely. It's bulky, but nothing protects the iPad better, and it's the most easy and confortable hold on the iPad I have tried, and I have tried many.


TC [Girl] said...

Eo and Alex; thank you for sharing this. I'm going to share it w/the Orangutan organization to see if they might be able to use them; both sound equally possible for what they could probably use. Better than nuttin!' :-)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I suspect an orangutan can rip them apart without even trying. Certainly the Big Grip. They are ten times as strong as a grown man!

TC [Girl] said...

Yeah...true dat! Perhaps I was thinking too optimistically re: trying to find a way where the orangutan could be able to hold it, by itself, instead of the way that they can barely get to them through their fencing. :-( Between them and the Chimpanzees (especially after having watched 'Chimpanzee,' I have an entirely new level of respect for the AMAZING relationship that Jane Goodall had w/primates; not a stich of fence separating her from these cool animals and, after an entire career in the midst of these wonderful creatures, she is still alive to tell about it!

(Holy Batman; verification just took an even deeper nose-dive w/their new "photographed"(?) numbers that Google, now, wants us to type in?!) :-/

TC [Girl] said...

(And, of course, I know how to spell "stitch," correctly. I'm tired and was being lazy.) :-/

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Ah, I saw the photographed numbers now on Tommy's blog.

It's hard to believe that spammers are regularly getting past even more conservative captchas, I don't know what all that junk is about.