Thursday, May 31, 2012

Read your phone on your TV

Ah, this is an excellent idea for weak, old, or just tired eyes.
Apple TV enables AirPlay on the iPad and iPhone 4s.  This allows you to mirror the screen of these devices on your television.  In practice, this means that you can take the screen of your iPhone/iPad and blow it up to fill a 50 inch screen. 

Normally, Airplay only works in video apps, but you can also set it to Mirroring:
while in an app, you double-click the home button, and swipe to the right, twice, and you'll get a volume control, and a button for Airplay! Just hit it and switch Mirroring to On.
(A bit hidden, I must say, I had to go to Apple's support pages to find it. But maybe this tells us how used we have become to usually being able to find out anything just intuitively on iOS devices.)

Below is my own photo of the phenomenon, iPhone in front. I can tell you that the text size set here is two steps less than I can easily read on the phone, but two steps more than I can read on the TV. And the text is really sharp, nothing blurry or pixelated here, it's fantastic.

By the way, it seems that if the iPhone/iPad has gone to sleep, it switches off, and you have to do the little procedure again to get it back. I guess that's a reasonable protection feature.

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