Wednesday, May 30, 2012

iPad helps chicken lay eggs again

Why did the chicken start laying eggs again? Because he had an iPad full of his farmyard friends, article.

Hen Maia was left distraught and stopped producing eggs after her pen pal Baba was eaten when a fox snuck into their hut in the middle of the night last month.
[...] 'I decided to try playing chicken videos to her on my iPad when I was in my garden - and to my astonishment it started to work.
'She is now back producing around five eggs a week and seems a lot happier. I still get the videos out, as it helps her when she thinks she has company.' 

Isn't it amazing so many great new uses people find for the iPad?

... By the way, I take no responsibility for the use of "he" in the headline, that belongs to Daily Mail. I'm sometimes amused/distraught by the gender blindness some people show for the animal kingdom. For example there is a big computer-graphics animated movie about cows (I forget the title), and it's an okay movie, but it bothered me to tears that, wait for it... all the bulls had udders! What the frig? You wouldn't give a cow male genitalia, would you? So how does it happen that in a big commercial movie which took years and many scores of people to make, bulls have udders?

Uhm, but I digress. I love my iPad, especially for reading. And many animals do too, but mostly for other uses.

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