Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kindle Dx

The Kindle Dx (the large one) still costs $379!
And you can get a brand new iPad 2 for $399. A twenty dollar difference. If we disregard those who really can't stand backlit screens for some reason, this is like getting a Rolls-Royce for a hundred dollars more than a Yugo. I mean really, the iPad beats the living spit out of the Dx in everything, speed, color screen, flexibility, thousands of apps, ease of use... There's just no comparison. Except the price.

(Note: this is no attack on the Kindle generally. If one likes the screen, the small Kindle is an amazing book-reading tool, and highly economical.)


Len Edgerly said...

Amen to that!

ttl said...

thousands of apps

But most people only need the device for one application: reading ebooks. And there seems to be a wide consensus that the Kindle with its E-Ink screen is superior in that.

I haven't heard of a single person who regularly reads books on a Kindle who would want to switch to an iPad.

99.9% of the thousands of apps for the Mac are utter crap. I see no reason why it wouldn't be the same for the iPad.

Every single time I've seen someone use the iPad, they have used it for browsing the web. I'm sure it's a very good portable web browsing platform. But I don't need to browse the web when I'm not in my apartment. And for truly portable browsing, I suspect, the iPhone would be preferable in general.

ttl said...

It would be interesting the hear what apps, other than reading apps, you use on your iPad?

By use, I mean actually run daily, or at least a couple of times/week. Not just have purchased and tested a few times.

Some time ago, you posted here about a writing app (I forget the name). I was skeptical of its usefulness for real writing, but some commenter also vouched for it. Have you actually used that app?

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

This was not an argument against the Kindle, just agains the DX, or rather the price of the DX (otherwise it's rather admirable. Perhaps except the keyboard).

If you mainly read ebooks, and are sensitive to backlight, then the Kindle is superior. But the small Kindle can be bought for $80, which is part of why I think the Dx is so over-priced. But the small Kindle is a *fantastic* product for reading books, and the price is awesome.

Me, I only got interested in e-reading once the iPad came out. The dark screen of the Kindle rubs me the wrong way, and I've said way too many times. I don't know how many have switched over, but since the only alternative prior to the iPad was cell phones, I'm guessing there must be some.

"Utter crap" is no so, I'm sorry. There are many overlapping efforts sure, but most of the apps are at least useful, and cheap.

My two big areas, personally, for the iPad is reading and video. I think I use maybe ten apps for those things, in various ways.

On top of that, I regularly use Dropbox for file transfers, Voicereader for reading to me. (The voice on the Kindle is not very good, it doesn't even understand to pause at full stops.) The Music app (formerly iTunes or iPod). A weather app. Comics apps, though that could be considered reading. Lovefilm, for watching or for ordering DVD rentals.

Other people use many other apps. Obviously gaming is a big part of that.

I don't have statistics on how much productivity apps are used on the iPad. I don't use them much, but that might be because currently my output is limited to my sites and blogs, which is easier done on my Mac.

The chair and body position I need for production are not fitting for relaxing and reading, which is why I'm very grateful for my iPad and things like Instapaper, which lets me send web articles to my iPad, and formats them for easier reading.

ttl said...

This was not an argument against the Kindle, just agains the DX

You wrote: "the iPad beats the living spit out of the Dx in everything ..." (emphasis yours)

This is simply not true. The DX is lighter, for example. And thinner. And it consumes less power. And it has a more paper-like screen. And it has better integration with the Amazon book store, etc.

I'm sure for many ebook consumers, the DX is still a better deal than the iPad 2 even at its current price point.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

For a special minority, it's a better choice, okay. ... though I'm actually not sure who. If you need the bigger screen for PDFs, I think the iPad does a much better job. Unless one just can't stand a backlit screen.

"This is simply not true."

OK, I was being a little hyperbolic. Sorry.

"The DX is lighter, for example. And thinner."

True for the first iPad, but not considerably with 2 and 3. At least for me.

"And it consumes less power."

That's true.

"And it has a more paper-like screen."

Also true. And I would love that, if it wasn't so dark.

"And it has better integration with the Amazon book store."

Granted, but hardly important, I can still buy a book on the ipad in 30 seconds.

Madhusudan G S said...

you do realize you are comparing a massey ferguson? The tractor does one thing very well, thats why farmers buy them.

Madhusudan G S said...
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