Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Doan, apostrophe, tee"

I have started to listen to my Daria books on the Kindle Fire HD. Much better.
It's amazing how much quality difference there is in these applications, text-to-speech. For example the reader in the Kindle 3 does not know to make a pause when there's a full stop. Oh man.

And the Blio app, which is the only one for the iPad I have found which will read ebooks aloud (do you know another?), is acceptable, but flawed. For example, guess how it pronounces the word "don't"... come on, guess. It pronounces it "doan, apostrophe, tee". Holy mama, what a flaw. "Don't" must be one of the most common words in the language. (Not a word? Mmm, "contraption"? Something like that.)

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