Sunday, October 28, 2012

We need a one-hand grip

(On Nexus 7. Only the middle part is the grip,
the outer pads are an earlier solution.)
I invented a one-hand grip for medium-sized tablets. It works OK, but it could be better. It tends to loosen a little bit, with a corresponding loosening of the security of one's grip.

With all the brilliant entrepreneurs out there, will somebody please invent a one-hand grip for tablets? (Something which will let the thumb tap the screen when ereading.) You might become a millionaire!

The trick is that ideally it should fold flat (or be detachable) when not in use, so as not to add significantly to the bulk of the tablet. But surely it can be done. Yeah??

... Hmmm, one alternative way might be a simple strap which you can glue to the back, and which you just slide your fingers under/into...
Update: I have experimented with this now, and I think that even somebody with my large hands will want a strap on each side of the back, because you need to have the strap past the second knuckle for it to feel like a secure grip. And still for this to be the main "grip" at the device without the thumb involved... I'm not sure it'll work all that well.

There are several products like the "Padlette", but they don't let you get your thumb to the screen to tap to advance to the next page when e-reading, which is part of how I think about "one-handed". (OK, unlike a phone you can't really operate a tablet with just the thumb, but I am thinking in e-reading terms here, we just need to be able to tap with the thumb near the edge.)

I think we need something to curl the fingers around near the edge.

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