Thursday, November 1, 2012

iPad 4 rage?

I hear that there is a quite a lot of upset bloggers etc complaining about the iPad 4 coming just half a year after the iPad 3.

If the iPad 4 had a haptic display which could fold out to become 17 inches, and could show 3D movies, and I had just bought an iPad 3, maybe I would be disappointed. But it would still not be Apple's fault. They never promised anybody it would be one year between models.

No, it's basically just a processor upgrade and sharper video chat camera.  I would even question the wisdom of giving it a new name, because nobody will be likely to tell the difference without careful testing of app speed or if video chat is vital to them.

I did not waste one second even considering getting an iPad 4, since the 3 is working perfectly for me. What's the deal?

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Bruce said...

I don't have an iPad 3 or 4, but I agree with you. I was listening to a review today and they said the 4 was faster but it wasn't noticeable because the 3 was fast enough to keep up with just about everything.

I compare it to a "speed bump" release of a new Mac.